Missing in the Carolinas

Highlighting missing people, true crime, and cold cases in North and South Carolina.

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Covering both current missing persons cases as well as those that have been solved, award-winning journalist Renee Roberson dives deep into research, interviews fellow true crime authors and family members, and explores true crime cases from places like Hilton Head, South Carolina, the mountains of Western North Carolina and everything in between.

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Episode 92-Brian Neil Hooks and Andy Tench Missing and The Murder of Mary Collins

In September of 1988, 21-year-old Brian “Neil” Hooks went missing from the Florence area of...


Episode 91-Jeremy Grice Missing and the Murders of Crystal Faye Todd and Ann Fox Smith

On November 22, 1984, a four-year-old little boy vanished in the rain from his parents’ home....


Episode 90-DNA Doe Project Stories from the Southern States

Since 2017, the DNA Doe Project has worked on more than 200 cases of unidentified remains. With...